6 Scent Control Tips - by Steve Cobb

Submitted By Admin Aug .31.2017

One of the hardest things to beat is a mature whitetails nose. The hardest would be the nose of a mature whitetail doe. I think some whitetails’ noses are better than others and that’s what makes them mature. I have had hunting dogs in the past that just had better noses that the other dogs, and I think deer are the same. These 6 tips should increase your chances of success:

  • Always hunt with the wind in your face (I always pack a Hunters Specialties Windicator)
  • Wash your clothes with Scent-A-Way Laundry Detergent to remove odor from clothing (this is Step 1 – Clothes)
  • Take a shower with Scent-A-Way Liquid Soap before the hunt (this is Step 2 – Body)
  • Dress in the field (I pack my hunting clothes in a Scent-Safe Bag and dress in the field)
  • Always spray down with Scent –A-Way spray after you are dressed. Don’t forget to spray your hat, your release, your safety harness and even your pack. (this is Step 3 – Field)
  • Dress light on the way to your stand. I carry extra clothes with me to the stand location and add layers while in the stand. One of the major problems for hunters is perspiration walking to your stand location.