Get Ready For the Season With These Bowhunting Tips

Submitted By Admin Feb .22.2016

Opening day is not that far away and I can’t wait! I have a couple tips that I have used over the last 27 years of bow hunting that have helped me fill some tags.

First, I try to get out and start shooting a couple of my arrows, with the broadheads inserted that I plan to hunt with, at least five weeks before I hunt. I do this because I want to shoot the gear I actually will be drawing back with in the field, so I know exactly how my arrows will fly in real hunting situations. I have used practice blades in the past with other broadheads and found they fly totally different than real blades do at different distances.

I switched over to Magnus Broadheads a few years ago. One of the beautiful things about Magnus Stingers and Black Hornets is not only how they fly, but they sharpen right back up really super easy. I do not have to sacrifice any of my broadheads I practice with, like I would with other heads.

I hear from a lot of hunters on the radio shows that they have a hard time judging ranges on game but can't afford a range finder. For years I have taken 35-millimeter film or scent canisters with me when I hang my stands. I put the canisters out like you were facing a clock. I put them at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions at 25 yards all the way around my stand.

When I start hunting I will fill them with an all-purpose deer scent in early season, then switch to a doe-in-heat urine during the rut. This does two things for me. One, it helps to attract deer to my stand area. Two, it lets me know immediately the range of the deer once it gets to the scent canister or inside the circle.

Since I have my Mathews set up for one pin out to 25 yards, I am good from that point on. I do not have any extra movement trying to range the deer before I shoot. Remember, the number one related hunting accident is falling from, getting in or down from a tree stand. Always stay connected to the tree and use a full-body safety harness!

Until next time, get out and start an Outdoors Tradition of your own this season! You will be glad you did!