Getting Ready for Deer Season

Submitted By Admin Feb .22.2016

This is a great time of year! Turkey season is done and the crappie are starting to hit!! This is also the time to start getting ready for the upcoming fall hunting seasons.

You can make good use of this time of year by checking out your camo clothing and gear and looking for wear, so you do not have any surprises come mid-September. This is also the time of year I wash my clothes, after I give them a look over, to make sure they are scent free. I store them in my Scent-Safe bags for when I start hanging stand in July, while wearing a safety harness.

I have a habit of trimming and hanging my stands in late July so the areas I am hunting have plenty of time to settle down before hunting season. If you bump a buck or deer in July they will have forgotten all about it by Oct. 1 when I start hunting in Iowa.

This is also the time I keep Vita-Rack in the bedding areas so the bucks have a chance to get all the mineral they need for good antler growth. All the deer in the area will get the minerals they need for overall health to help the does who are lactating and feeding their fawns.

What a great time of year! Food plots, gear checks and hanging stands...fall will be here before you know it!

Till next time...please be safe and get out and start an Outdoors Tradition this year!