Having the Right Tools for the Job

Submitted By Carl Drake Feb .22.2016

As I hunt here at my farm in Kentucky I am watching the bucks cruise through the woods searching for that lady doe who is willing to be their girlfriend. As I look into my backpack of tools I wonder what I have in here that might help with getting the attention of one of these love sick boys.

Here are a few items that are a must for me. I never ever go to the deer woods without my Slam Talker grunt call. You don't know how many times this thing has turned a buck on a dime for me. Next, I keep a small spray bottle of Scent-A-Way Max earth scent with me to spray down again once I get to the stand...and don't forget the inside of your hat. Oh here is my canister of Fresh Earth Scent Wafers...love these things. Pulling out my Ruttin' Buck Rattling Bag....very effective this time of year with these bucks getting very territorial.

I have been doctoring the scrapes I have been finding with the new 2 Hot Does urine and these bucks keep hitting these scrapes over and over again. I'm getting some great pictures on my trail camera from this too. So it's just a matter of time and a little patience and this all comes together.

I love this time of year when these bucks really come alive with their activity and like any good hunter, we all must carry different items or tools to get the job done. As I continue in my chase for this particular buck I hope to all the hunters who happen to read this...check your tool box. Make sure you got the right tools to make you successful this year. Good luck to all and don't forget to use The Stuff of Legends!!!!