Scent control works on gators too!

Submitted By Carl Drake Feb .22.2016

As a hunter, I do take scent control pretty seriously. Who doesn't like to see that big whitetail walking in, and he has no clue you are even there?

But as I have expanded my pursuit of different game it has made it even more clear how important it is. Just last week I traveled down to Florida and hunted with Justin Guerry of Gator Glades and our goal was to harvest a nice gator and to also take a nice hog while we were there. No sooner than our plane had landed Justin had called and said they had found a gator in a pond near a pasture field and this gator was killing the young calves that were coming to drink. So we got our gear together and headed out to the location of the perpetrator.

As soon as we pulled up we saw the beast go under in this small pond. Justin told me we needed to get on the east side of the pond because we had a west wind. He said gator have a very keen sense of smell and he will surface with just his nose out of the water, just to check that wind to see if we are gone. I then proceeded to break out my bottle of Scent-A-Way Max and coat all of my gear and clothing. We were unable to get to the east side of the pond due to the terrain of the pond and ended up on the northwest corner, but I had faith in my Scent-A-Way Max.

After about 20 minutes I saw a bubble coming from the center of the pond, moving towards shore. Justin advised that it was him and to be ready! Patiently waiting......the gator's nose broke the surface 15 feet from where we were, directly down wind. He continued to surface, not having a clue we were there. I let the arrow fly....and the rest is history. The gator ended up being a 10-footer and I was so excited that my Scent-A-Way Max made a believer of a fellow hunter in the great state of Florida. The outfitter asked for a case.