Shake Off Your Cabin Fever With A Spring Turkey Inventory

Submitted By Carl Drake Feb .22.2016

I was out in the garage getting the snow shovel...again...when I laid eyes on a box sitting on the shop shelf marked turkey. Immediately the thought of spring shot into my head--thoughts of warmer days, trees budding, flowers blooming, the sounds of owls laughing and rolling and giving their perfect "Who cooks for you all" as the edge of sunrise creeps into the day. I can already hear that gobbler as he lets out the first gobble of the year, making my heart start to beat fast, saying "let the games begin." That's when I got the box down.

Opening the box and dusting off the calls and decoys and looking through everything made me realize now is a good time to start seeing what I need to replace and to start breaking out the calls and start practicing. Just as I thought, some of my mouth calls were pretty dried up and useless. Taking some of the friction calls in the house I started playing with them and found I was a little rusty with yelps and clucks.

I know we all get cabin fever this time of the year, especially in the North due to all the snow and cold, and this is a great time to get our spring stuff out and inventory what we need for the upcoming spring. I also like to mark my dates on the calendar for the opening day of turkey season, especially if I am hunting multiple states.

Take a look at those decoys. Are they dry rotted or cracked...or maybe you don't have any at all. I take mine out of my vest, because that's where they stayed, and inspect them. If you need a new set make sure you look at the "Snoods" by Hunter Specialties. I was so happy with the way mine made my season successful. If you have a set and they are folded and creased, throw them in the hot shower for a few minutes. They will pop right out.

One of my new purchases this year was the Limb Shaker Calling Kit. It comes with the Limb Shaker owl call and pan call with striker. I love the crisp yelps and cuts you can make with the pan call that will drive any love sick turkey crazy. The owl call is a must for all callers to help locate those gobblers on the roost.

Shake off the cabin fever and break out your spring turkey hunting equipment! Spring is right around the corner and there is a big ole gobbler with your name on...if you are prepared by using the Stuff of Legends!!!