The Various Applications of Scent-A-Way - by Bruce Wilds

Submitted By Admin Sep .05.2017

Serious hunters know that Scent-A-Way® is a vital part of being a successful hunter. However, what many people fail to realize is, Scent-A-Way products have many more uses than just in the woods. Here are a few other uses for the ever popular hunting products.

As a professional Medic/Firefighter, I am in constant contact with sick and injured people in the back of ambulances. During my stint on the medic, at some point I came in contact with the bacteria Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus also known as (MRSA). The garden variety staph bacteria is very common and roughly one third of all people carry the germs in their nose. One of the most common types of skin infections, staph is easily treated with antibiotics. However, the Methicillin resistant variety known as MRSA is resistant to antibiotics, can be very painful and can at times be life threatening, if untreated.

Part of the recommendations from my doctor was to wash with an anti-bacterial soap during my daily showering routine. At the time, Triclosan was the active ingredient in many popular anti-bacterial soaps. As I was showering one morning with a popular lavender scented soap, I decided to look at the back of my Scent-A-Way Liquid Green Soap to see the active ingredients. Much to my amazement, the active ingredients were the same as the lavender soap, only the HS liquid green soap had a slightly higher concentration, so from then on, instead of smelling like a flower, I began using my Scent-A-Way soap for all of my shower needs and I have never had another staph infection.

Today, the Triclosan has been replaced with Silver Nitrate in the new Scent-A-Way Bio-Strike® soaps. Silver Nitrate is a topical anti-infective and is in the antiseptic and germicidal category. The old standby liquid green soap now contains Saccharomyces Ferment which contains live enzymes that help to break down odor causing compounds. Both soaps will certainly help minimize odors and destroy many unwanted germs.

Preparing hunting clothes is a critical part of the scent control system. We use the new Bio-Strike Detergent and the Bio-Strike Odor Shield laundry additive to keep our hunting clothes scent-free. When placed in during the rinse cycle, the Odor Shield additive will keep your clothes odor-free for up to thirty days. If this is the case for hunters, why should be limit these products to just camouflage?

The HS line of laundry detergents can be utilized by anyone, to keep their laundry clean and scent-free. However, the real benefit will come to parents and athletes. School is getting ready to start up again, football season is getting underway as are several other school sports. Die hard athletes train every day and with all of these sporting activities comes dirt, stains and sweat. With those three ingredients, we get the sweaty body odor and stink that most of us wish to eliminate.

Hunters Specialties’ laundry products will not only clean your garments by getting tough dirt and grime out, but these products will leave your clothes scent-free and inhibit the growth of any bacteria on them, keeping them fresher longer and keeping the stench at bay.

While the Scent-A-Way field sprays are the last line of defense to beating a wary old buck’s nose, they can also be utilized inside of your automobile to eliminate foul odors that may be contained in your vehicles upholstery or carpet. Use the laundry detergent in a carpet cleaning device to penetrate the fabric and then spray down all of the interior’s cloth and carpet with the odor eliminating sprays and you will have a fresh clean interior for all of your vehicles.

As hunting season ramps up and scent control becomes an obsession for many deer hunters, remember that these products can be used for multiple applications. Don’t just rely on Scent-A-Way for beating the nose of a whitetail, use it for beating the nose of your friends and family as well.