What Rick White does before he heads into the woods

Submitted By Rick White Feb .22.2016

I have a ritual every time I go to the woods and it all has to do with scent elimination.

It all starts with washing my clothes with scent-free laundry detergent, then drying them using Fresh Earth Dryer Sheets. I wouldn’t want to take clean clothes and impregnate them with a fragrance like a fragmented dryer sheet that was used before. Once they have been dried they go right into a Deluxe Travel Bag with Fresh Earth Scent Wafers. The bag keeps odors out, while the wafers add a fresh earth cover scent.

I also wash my boots with liquid green soap, then let them dry. Don’t wear your boots in your vehicle. Take the floor mat out of your vehicle and smell. Gas is what you will most likely smell. Don’t carry that smell to the woods with you! Now my clothes are scent free.

When it's time to go hunting the first thing I do is take a shower using Scent-A-Way Bar Soap or Liquid Green Soap. There are other things that I use—like Scent-A-Way shampoo and conditioner plus deodorant. Now I am scent free. Next step is to dress in the field. I think this is an important step. Once I am dressed I spray down with Scent-A-Way MAX. The new Scent-A-Way MAX has given me the edge I need while sitting in a stand. It’s really a preference as to which one you like best—Scent-A-Way Max odorless or Scent-A-Way Max fresh earth. They both work very well.

I spray down 100%. From the top of my head to the bottom of my boots. And then to top it all off I wear 3-6 wafers. I like fresh earth the best, but cedar and acorn or a mixture will work as well.

Now I’m ready to go hunting. Scent elimination, if followed 100%, is one of the most important things you can do to be more successful. It's an advantage that we as hunters can always use. And that is why I do it every time I go to the woods.