You Can Still Use Elk Calls in October

Submitted By Admin Feb .22.2016

September is behind us and it’s time to put down the Mathews and pick up your rifle. So do you leave your elk calls at home? Most would say well, the rut is over and you’re not going to have any success using elk calls during the gun seasons.

I’m a true believer that your elk calls can be a huge tool throughout the elk seasons. Now how you use them and when you use them is the key. Now, true, as fall gets later your elk are not as vocal as they were mid to late September. However, I have had success using locate bugles during October. Keep in mind, this is much like shock gobbling a turkey in the spring. All we are doing is trying to have them give away their position. With your favorite bang stick in hand, just having a starting point as a bull elk gives his position away with a half-hearted bugle or possibly a few chuckles and it's game on!

Now don’t be that guy that is blowing a call nonstop throughout the day. A few single note locate bugles from your Mac Daddy bugle before the sun comes up can be very effective.

Another call I like to have in hand is a diaphragm elk call. I will always have one hanging off my lip while in the elk woods. If you walk up on a herd of elk and they get startled, a simple cow call from a diaphragm can stop a herd of elk for a standing shot. Also, if you have to follow up with a second shot this has helped create a second opportunity. The benefits of a diaphragm elk call are huge, but the main benefit is that your hands are free to handle your gun in a safe manner.

So make sure those elk calls are on your elk hunting check list this fall……