You Make the Call! - by Dan Young

Submitted By Admin Sep .22.2016

You make the Call!

This time of year I get a lot of calls on the radio shows about when you should start calling deer. My response is always the same - using a grunt call is always OK in moderation. Remember, every deer is different and usually will react differently when you call.

During early season I like to use tending grunts if I see a deer in my area. If I see a buck that is leaving, I'll try a couple buck grunts to see if that will turn him. You really have nothing to lose at that point.

When we get to Halloween week, I'll use my Rack Stack and grunt calls more often. I like to rattle and call every 25-30 minutes from Halloween on. It's a trick that has worked with some pretty sweet results (please pardon the "pun")! As always, be sure to use your Windicator often to see what the wind is doing.

Remember, always use a full body safety harness when in a tree stand. 'Til next time, God Bless and hunt your plan!

- Dan