E.L.K. University PhD Combo

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With the E.L.K. University instructional DVD from Wayne Carlton’s Calls®, now you can learn firsthand from one of the pioneers of elk calling, Wayne Carlton himself. This DVD features Wayne doing what he does best—teaching you how to call elk in an easy-to-understand manner that’s as informative as it is entertaining. The instructional DVD comes with three different Tone Trough diaphragm elk calls: Triple Reed, Buglin’ 2.5 and Cow & Calf 1.5 reed. “It’s a revolution in elk diaphragm calling,” says Wayne Carlton. “The built-in sound chamber, or tone trough, allows hunters to blow the call using less pressure while achieving great sounds.” Every Tone Trough call is made using high-quality Infinity Latex®, which is easy to blow and has superior durability to all other types of latex on the market. And because less pressure is required, the life of both the reed and the call is prolonged.

Equipped with a Premium Flex™ frame to ensure consistent fit and stretch from call to call, Tone Trough’s sound chamber produces the highest pitched elk bugles and most authentic nasally cow calls on the market.