Turkey Call Care & Prep - by Carl Drake

As old man winter tries to hold on with everything he has got here in Indiana and I stand at my calendar counting down the day to my first turkey hunt of the year, I realize I better get my calls out and see what kind of shape they are in and what needs to be replaced so I am ready for opening day.  The fact that some of us get to play with our turkey calls a little earlier than most due to traveling to shows to show off the newest in the HS Strut line, does give us a bit of a head start. However, at some point we still need to get those totes out, pull those calls out and start practicing and see what survived through the winter.

Now, I will say that how we store our calls from the previous season is going to determine how they hold up till spring. Diagram calls are probably the most affected and are the type of call I always recommend replacing every year. The fact of the matter is, once they are exposed to moisture (aka put in your mouth and used) the latex starts to break down and stretch.

When it comes to pan style calls, making sure they are stored in an environment that is dry. This keeps the wood in the pot and strikers from expanding and cracking and even warping. The same affect can take place on your favorite box calls. I have some box calls and pan calls that I have had for years and still sound great due to proper care and storage. So, now is a great time to break all those calls out and inspect them and check them for cracks, condition their surfaces and practice with them.

Each style of call has its own unique sound to it. Whether it’s the sweet, soft clucks and purrs of a slate or the crisp yelps of a glass call, make sure you’re on top of your game and your calls are in tip top shape by storing them properly, getting them out early and inspecting them early. If you do find the need to replace some calls, make sure you check out the impressive line of HS Strut calls. You will definitely find the right call to help you harvest that big ol’ Tom this spring!

- Carl Drake